Video Resources Alternative Video Sites

Video Resources Alternative Video Sites


Alternative Video Sites – There comes a time when alternative video sites for uploading and hosting your videos is necessary, and now is that time.



YouTube’s policy for allowing anyone and everyone to come along and flag anybody’s videos for no good reason except for being malicious and vindictive, has caused YouTube to become one of the worst social media sites to be a part of.


Yes it is a free service. And Yes it is a risk to put content on a platform that has no safety regarding the user of the service. Anyone putting content and videos on YouTube are at risk for any number of reasons, to having their content videos removed and their accounts canceled.


I have videos that absolutely do not violate their terms and conditions, and they are still allowing them to be flagged.


It is even known now, that some people with a vindictive motive, have gone to and requested software to be created that will mass flag YouTube videos, thousands in one crack, for the intent and purpose of having these videos removed form YouTube.


Video Resources Alternative Video Sites

Video Resources Alternative Video Sites

So not unlike the Google-Slap that happened several years ago when Google kicked all home based marketers off their Google Ad PPC accounts, we now have the YouTube-Slap.


So below is a list of resources, Alternative Video Sites that a lot of online marketers will be using in place of YouTube for some extra security against having their videos removed from the Internet.



SUPER IMPORTANT: Backup your YouTube account now. Go to and do a full backup of your youtube account now.

  • Wistia – This looks to be a cool service. There is nothing specifically listed in the terms of service that have anything against the home based business industry. As long as you don’t do shady stuff, you should be fine should you decide to use this service.
  • Vimeo – Good service, they specifically state in their terms that they don’t want MLM related content. Make sure that if you use this service, use the paid option and make sure to hide your videos on so that it doesn’t show publically except for where you publish it.
  • Viddler – This is a paid service and is also very good. Many people use viddler. I have not seen content related restrictions as far as MLM or Network Marketing businesses.
  • Easy Video Suite – This integrates with Amazon S3. This the best way to own your content 100%. The only draw back is that if you get a lot of traffic to your blog, your costs will go up. If you don’t mind paying for it, this is a great option. I love this, it works great, and I recommend it.
  • My Lead System Pro – MLSP has a great integrated video hosting with your MLSP account. If you are not a member of MLSP you really should be. Click here to start your 10 day test drive.


Now, although it is necessary for Alternative Video Sites to be used, I am not saying ‘do not use YouTube’ again. It is just this: if you are willing to take the risk at having those videos on YouTube canceled, then by all means, use YouTube.


YouTube is still the best place for generating traffic and leads to your business. Just know that when one account gets canceled, you will have to build another account.


I know it sucks when you have thousands of videos, generating hundreds of leads and get thousands of views, have thousands of subscribers to your YouTube account, and then it all goes away.


For this reason, it is imperative that you set up for yourself ‘Multiple Streams of Income’.


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Working to your success.


Video Resources Alternative Video Sites by Robert Dorsey