Article Submission Software Review

Article Submission Software Review

My Article Submission Software Review is about one of the most unique methods of submitting articles I have ever seen. I have just been introduced to the best article submission software, although it has been around for some time already.

Article Submission Software Review

Article Submission Software Review

I always wondered how people got so many backlinks to their websites and blog posts is such a short period of time. Now we know. They use article submission software. One very popular article submission software is Article Marketing Robot.

I have just had the privilege of using this article writing software for a post I made on my blog. Inside of a couple of hours, it took me longer than most as I am just learning how to operate it, I had 323 backlinks and within another half hour was receiving comments to my post from article directories that my article was posted on.


What is Article Writing?


Article writing is just taking a topic and finding a keyword about that topic which is searched for in the search engines, and writing a 300 to 700 word article about that topic. Make it something of value to your target audience and they will want to read your content. The original article is posted on your blog. A copy is then used in the article submission software to spin your article into about a hundred unique and different variations of your original article.

Online article submission is just another way to submit articles using search engine submission software to reach people with articles about content that is important to any up and coming network marketer so they can succeed in their business.

What is Article Marketing?

So what is article marketing? Article marketing is writing articles containing content of value in a particular niche by writing about a particular keyword in that niche.

Post that article on your website. We use a blog for this so you can post multiple articles over time, and this will rank your blog high in the search engines.

For example your blog can then be ranked on the first page of Google in the top 10 searches for your particular keyword.

Better Ranking on Google.

This is done by using article submission software to send your article to hundreds of free article submission directories and have your article posted on their sites. A link back to your post on your blog is then put in your resource box as your signature and each of the free article submission websites has a link to your site.

The search engines then look at these sites. Because they are huge and hundreds of people use them every day, they find your link to your blog and rate your site and content as very important because you are now connected to these important sites. Your website is then ranked as important and gets a higher ranking than if it just saw your site standing off by itself.

This is not the only way to get ranked on Google, but it is one of the easiest. Being on the first page of Google will make you visible to any one searching for your keyword and most likely, your site will be clicked on first.

Your traffic will then be taken back to your blog where your post is and they will see what your blog is about, whether it is to sell something, or you have an optin box for them to leave their name and email address for some offer that you have. Or they may be invited to join your primary opportunity to make money from your business opportunity that you are offering.

When you are new to online marketing as I was a year ago, there is so much information to consume it doesn’t take long before one gets information overload. It is so easy at that point to say this is too hard and quit.

But instead of quitting, that is the time for you to narrow your search for the one thing that you can become good at. Don’t try to do too many things at one time, that won’t work and you will become too spread out and you won’t get anything done.

With so many ways to make money online using the Internet, without training and a system to help people set up their business properly, most will fail.

It is important to get into a business which will fit well with you and find a system to help you succeed using all the tools and resources that are necessary in today’s market.

My Lead System Pro has all the tools that is necessary for success including article submission software.

That is why I am so excited about article marketing with ‘Article Marketing Robot’ and this article submission software review gives the reasons why it is such an awesome tool.

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