Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing Formula


Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing Formula

What is “attraction marketing formula” all about?

It’s not about me or you, or even what we have to sell or offer. It’s not about the product or the business opportunity. It’s not about selling the best product on the market.

It’s only about the customer and their problems. It’s only about what the customer is looking for to solve a problem he or she needs to solve.

Say you are in an MLM business opportunity where you are promoting vitamins. Vitamins are available at every health food, drugstore and Walmart in the country. There is high competition for selling vitamins today.


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“Attraction Marketing Formula” – Attraction Marketing


So what is it that you customers are looking for?

They are not looking for vitamins, they are looking to solve a health problem they may have.

They are searching for a solution to their problem of feeling down, draggy or a way to stop catching every cold, flu or virus that comes around. They are looking for a way to improve their immune system.

So when they go on the Internet to find out what they need to fix their problem, what keywords are they going to type into the search box before they hit enter?

Find these keywords and you have found your marketing target audience.


Attraction Marketing Strategies – Online Marketing Tools


Google keyword tool and Market Samurai are the two best tools you will need to use.

First, use the Google keyword tool to find the keywords your prospect is typing in the search box to find their information.

Second, use Market Samurai to find the competition for each keyword to see what it will take for you to rank on the first page of the search engine results for those particular keywords, and whether or not it’s possible to compete.

The Google keyword tool is free to use and Google itself will give you all the relevant keywords your target market uses in relation to the problem they are trying to solve.

Market Samurai is available here. There is a free ( limited ) version and a paid version ( full version ) from which you can also receive a commission for whenever a new member of your team signs up for it.

With the use if these two tools you are well on your way to solving your target markets problems and attracting people into your MLM business opportunity.


Attraction Marketing – MLM Lead Generation


One system which is based on the attraction marketing formula is MLM Lead System Pro. MLSP is a lead generation system which contains more training on Internet marketing and Network marketing strategies by top leaders in the industry.

This is what Attraction Marketing formula is all about, becoming a problem solver.

Become the hunted instead of the hunter. Putting yourself in a position where your target audience will find you will put your new MLM business on autopilot with a good “attraction marketing formula” and then watch out when the afterburners kick in.

By Robert Dorsey



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