Beach Bum Networker

Beach Bum Networker

Beach Bum Networker

Beach Bum Networker

When I first heard the story of this beach bum networker, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Now you can hear it for yourself.

This privately members only recorded webinar just leaked out to the public reveals how this  “beach bum networker” currently sponsors 2-3 reps per day. He shows you exactly what his secrets are and how he became the top network marketing rep for this network marketing system which has made him such a successful marketer.


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David has lived in several parts of the world, but currently lives on the beach in Costa Rica. At one time he was so broke, he was actually given a ticket by the police for being homeless and living in the back of a van on the north shore of Hawaii.

From homeless to living his dream

Going from homeless to having personally sponsored 450 Reps for his MLM network marketing business in just over nine months in a company with a $500.00 dollar minimum start-up cost. You do the math but I think this changed this beach bum networker’s life.

This  beach bum networker from Costa Rica is giving you his network marketing secrets in this webinar for you to also have the kind of network marketing success in your business that he has had.

This guy’s also the #1 recruiter in the largest attraction marketing system on the internet having personally enrolled over 1,500 people, which has grown to well over 4,000 in just over a year.

Life changing experience!


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