Building An Online Residual Income With Search Engine Marketing Tool

Building An Online Residual Income With Search Engine Marketing Tool

Lets look at how to build an online residual income using the search engine marketing tool that Google provides for free keyword research.

Building an online residual income and making money online is just a matter of having the right tools.

Getting filthy rich online is a matter of knowing how to use those tools.

Setting those tools up and have them work on autopilot will make you some money.

But knowing how to use the tools the right way will make you rich.

Online Residual Income

Make Money Online

The secret is to never be satisfied with a little and learn to do what it takes to get the most.

This is the difference why 98 percent of MLM marketers fail, and only 2 percent become wealthy.

Search Engine Marketing Tool

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Building An Online Residual Income With Search Engine Marketing Tool

Building An Online Residual Income With Search Engine Marketing Tool

I have never seen a house built without the use of tools. And an MLM business is no different, you need to know how to use your tools.

Suppose you had a blog site that had a high Alexa rating and you were posting valuable content to your blog.

Lets say you did your diligent keyword research with Google’s “search engine marketing tool”, Google AdWords keyword tool, and you found a keyword that had a high search volume with little competition that was easy to get ranked high in the search engine results page’s ( SERPs ).

Then suppose this was a money keyword that the people doing the searching would be ready to buy when they came across your site.

You then wrote an article centered around your keyword with some valuable, useful content and posted your article on your blog. Your goal is to drive traffic to your blog where your prospects will find your business opportunity, decide this is what they want and they will join your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research To Drive Traffic

But, if no one finds your article, they will never find you.

So how are they going to find you?

The trick is to go where your prospects are. And where are they? They are on the search engines ( like Google ) looking for your your information.

Statistics confirm that the first link on the first page of the Google SERPs gets clicked on 56%, the second link gets clicked on 13%, the third link gets clicked on 10% and all the remaining links on the first page as well as the other 104 pages receives the other 20% of the clicks for the average search of the millions of people searching for information on their particular problem.

“Search Engine Marketing Tool”

Where do you think you want to show up?

If you answered number 1 on the first page of Google, you would be correct. But how do you get there? And even more important, how do you get there for the thousands of people searching for other related keywords ( LSI keywords ) pertaining to your niche?

The answer is that we use tools that not only build backlinks to our articles but also build social networking shares to our articles, which boosts our ranking on Google and all the search engines.

But we must also post articles for each of those other related keywords so we have an army of robots working for us.

The solution then is to do the work for your article, tool up, roll up your sleeves and get it done.

Online Residual Income

Earn Passive Income

For more information on what tools are necessary, get signed up with My Lead System Pro, get your system set up and then set up your tools. The key is to take their training to start generating MLM leads and prospects for your primary business while generating an online residual income; enough to cover your expenses while still learning how to market online effectively.

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You are appreciated!

You deserve to live life with good health, happiness and wealth.

Robert Dorsey

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