Building Your Network Marketing Business Not Just A DownLine

Building Your Network Marketing Business Not Just A Down Line

Building Your Network Marketing Business Not Just A Down Line

Building Your Network Marketing Business Not Just A Downline

Building your network marketing business is not just about building a downline.

When I first heard these words, “building a business not just a downline”, from my mentor Rob Fore, I thought what does he really mean.

If you thought your business is all about selling you would be dead wrong.


Network Marketing System

Traffic, Leads and Conversions


In order to understand this clearly we need to look at an example we can all relate to in the offline world.

Suppose you owned a hardware store. What do you think your daily business operations would entail? Do you think your business is all about selling your products, tools and building supplies? Well, not in the least!


No, No, No!

Your not in the business of selling!


You need to first go through all your supply catalogs to select which products, which brand names you are going to offer your customers.

Then comes the ordering from your suppliers.

The shipments come in.

Everything is unpacked and sorted.

Then the shelves have to be stocked and organized.

The bookkeeping brought up to date, pricing displayed, etc..

Oh, and did I mention advertising?

And all this before you even open the doors in the morning.

And this takes place day after day, on a continual basis before you ever sell anything.

So do you think your business is about selling? It’s not. It’s about stocking shelves and organizing. The functions of any business is what 95% of the time is spent at doing.


MLM – Network Marketing

Find The Problem – Offer The Solution


An accountant who has his own business servicing customers doesn’t spend time with that customer. His time is spent with spreadsheets, adding columns of figures, entering data into accounting software programs, and working late into the night to keep up with the ever growing challenges that arise in government tax laws and such.

Building an online home based business is no different.

This one of the main reasons why 95% of MLM distributors fail within the first three months of signing up to an MLM company; they don’t understand the concept that they are building a business, not just a downline.


Network Marketing MLM

Network Marketing Leads


When did you ever see a brick and mortar proprietor standing out on the side of the street attempting to wave down passers-by to get them to come into his store to buy something?

Most people who have gotten into an MLM business have thought this is how to build their MLM business. They pitch their family, friends and co-workers expecting them to sign up and make them a lot of money.

It doesn’t work this way; not in the real world nor in the Internet world.

Online marketers are computer geeks who spend 95% of their time sitting at their computers engaged in online marketing activities, while only 5% of their time is spent interacting with real people.

Do you think this is true? Just ask the top income earners how they started out. After they start to make some headway in their business, and only after they have the income to warrant it, will they outsource their jobs to leverage their time and spend it more efficiently to accelerate their business even more.


Network Marketing Success

Success Is A Journey – Not A Destination


We sometimes have this false picture of success when we see someone else having more results than we have, and we compare our accomplishments to them and say “they are successful”, when this is not exactly the true picture.

Comparing is not putting things into perspective. You are on the same journey as anyone else, they are just a little farther down the road.

So remember that you are “building your network marketing business”, not just a downline. That means that the most of your time will be spent in your back office, preparing and sorting information that your prospects are looking for so that when they find you, their first impression will be, “Wow, here is a online marketer that knows what I need for my business”.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work, then follow this link:

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You are appreciated!

You deserve to live life with good health, happiness and wealth.

Robert Dorsey

P.S. Trading time for wages is the absolute worst way to gain wealth. Provide a system which has no ceiling, no cap,

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You are worth it!

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