Financial Independence For Your Old Age Security

Financial Independence For Your Old Age Security

Financial independence for your old age security is something that people don’t think about until it’s too late in life. When one is still young, about the last thing you think about is getting old. When one finally gets there, you wonder why you didn’t think about financial independence for your old age when you were still young.

Financial Independence For Your Old Age Security

Financial Independence For Your Old Age Security

I myself have come to that point in life when I have been wondering why I didn’t think about that myself and wondering now how I am able to warn other people from making the same mistakes I have made throughout a lifetime.


Financial Independence

Trading Time for Wages


In a minute I will be asking you a question concerning “financial independence” which may well be the most important question you will have had to answer in your life.

But first I need to tell you a story, one that I am sure you have heard before, and one that happens to 98% of the population and may turn out to be your story if you don’t decide to change it while there is still time.

This was my story before I decided to make the change and take the necessary steps to make that change happen.

Now just before I get into my story, we need to look at the situation and circumstances which most working people are in today.


Financial Independence Retire Early

Becoming Financially Independent


We are all taught to graduate high school with good marks so we can go to college or university to get a degree in a high paying profession that will provide you a better than average lifestyle, and also allow you to prepare for your old age with a pension that will provide you financial independence and sustain you in the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

Well, I am sorry to burst your bubble of expectations, but that kind of life does not exist today.

What our forefathers had worked so hard and fought for has now been taken away from us. Corporate pensions are virtually non existent, government seniors pensions do not cover the cost of living index, and the hopes and dreams of those looking forward to retirement are shattered with the realization that when you get to retirement age, you will be forced to continue working just to live.

One may be thinking that in this generation, a generation which has witnessed more changes and more advancements in technology and social status than any other generation in the history of the world, that life would be easier not harder to maintain.


Financial Freedom

Residual Income For Freedom


It seems that financial freedom is replaced with financial control not unlike financial slavery, and the gap is getting wider between the haves and the have not’s. 98% of the people still control 2% of the wealth of a nation and 98% of the wealth is controlled by that same 2% of the people.

So this begs the question; would you sooner be a part of the 98% fighting for your share of 2% of the money or be part of the 2% sharing 98% of the wealth?

Being part of the working class all my life, I have worked hard to make the corporation rich while trading time for wages. At the end of the day I always ran out of time, and therefore, I always ran out of money. Now at the end of a working career, I find myself out of money again.

Can you see the picture?

Out of time, out if money, out of a career; but not out of hope.


How To Be Financially Independent

Attraction Marketing System

Residual Income For Your Senior Years


My biggest fear now is that you will make the same mistakes I made and neglect to build a Residual income for your senior years that will sustain you in the lifestyle you have only dared to dream of while working to build someone else’s dreams.

It all stops now.   It all changes now.


Dare To Dream Again

Financial Independence For Your Old Age Security


Dare to dream about having “financial independence” for your old age security, and making more money in your old age through residual income, than you ever did working for wages.

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Your Life Is Your Design!

Here’s Hoping For Your Health, Happiness and Success.


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