The Idea Behind The Funded Proposal System

The Idea Behind The Funded Proposal System

by Robert Dorsey


Here’s the idea behind the funded proposal idea. Attempting to get the cash together for any business can be a real challenge for some, and then the biggest problem then pops up and that is promoting.


Setting up a home based business is very often the best part but selling the public on your new home business can be much more pricey and challenging. All the complications implicit in promoting can simply be overcome by adopting the funded proposal concept.



Promoting is often a basal plan to get as many potential customers as feasible of whom you hope to convert the leads into real sales later.


This however is commonly a slow and involving process that is equally unforeseeable. As a consequence, your home business may run into financial difficulties prior to getting your advertising efforts turning into cash.


The Funded Proposal SystemAnd so as a consequence, a bunch of online marketers decided to change tactics from the straightforward training out there regarding using the internet to market and sell their stuff, to the new funded proposals option.


Using this new option, the marketing expert in control attracts as many potential network marketers as possible and takes them thru a training program to help them set-up and become the future marketing experts under his or her down line.


The most important difference between this and the conventional system is that the new network marketing expert who is recruited must pay a small fee for their training. The recruiter then uses those accumulated charges to cover any costs that occurs by a slow moving product or during their initial promotional and advertising efforts.


Over time these fees add up and you continue to get leverage by training other team members who then become top product movers without using any of your money, when you’re not really sure of the end result.


Under such a funded proposal system, you stand to gain in any sense.The Funded Proposal System


This is because the new prospect may or may not make any sales in the near future from your primary opportunity, and they may not have even joined you in your primary business, but you do not have to depend on that money he or she should make in the future right out of the gate.


This is because the moneys they have paid for coaching and training will cover the costs for your current expenses as you wait for the future prospects.


It’s this idea that started the whole notion of funded proposals and it has over a period of time proven to be very successful because it funds itself as it grows. The trick isn’t to charge the new recruit a huge amount of money for their coaching, as this can stifle your activities and turn potential new sign ups away.


A funded proposal does work best in the original stages, but having good product info and training is very important to finding the proper applicants who will convert your valuable coaching into potential leads and then sales, which is the only possible way to grow.


Many of us will see the value after going thru your training and will most likely become top income earning online network marketers with high volume sales which will sustain your business; that is the reason why the funded proposal concept is so successful.


The Idea Behind The Funded Proposal System by Robert Dorsey


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