Getting Started In Internet Marketing

Getting Started In Internet Marketing


Getting Started In Internet Marketing

Getting Started In Internet Marketing

Getting started in internet marketing and building an online Internet business has never been easier to set up and get started. Work with Robert Dorsey is a site which is aimed at providing information to help the newbie get started making money online.

Online marketing tools and resources are many and available to all, however, there are free resources and resources which cost to use.

It is my intention to offer you the choice of using the free tools and to give you the option of using the paid services, which in most cases will provide better service with more options to the service provided.

Online tools are not unlike offline business which advertises to get traffic to their door so their prospects see what they are offering.


Generate Traffic


All advertising is to generate traffic and then turn that traffic into paying customers.

Online marketing is no different. You need a product and this can be an mlm business or an affiliate product which you get commission for recommending to your prospect when they purchase.

You need a place to advertise your products which can be a blog, paid advertising such as PPC, or organic traffic using the search engines.

Then you need to get people to visit your web site and actually look at what you are offering, this is called traffic.

Then you need to convert that traffic into customers when they buy your offer.

Targeted Traffic

In all these methods, it is advantageous to get targeted traffic to your site. These are people who are already looking for your product or opportunity and they are already looking to buy what they are looking for.

Magnetic Sponsoring

Finding targeted traffic in internet marketing is what is called attraction marketing. Mike Dillard best described his version as magnetic attraction and wrote the first book called Magnetic Sponsoring. His system changed forever how network marketing is done on the Internet.

To make money online, home based business has exploded over the last few years. This will be our quest, to explore the home based online network marketing industry and set up a successful internet business.

Getting started in Internet marketing is the only way to ensure residual income for long term.

Work with Robert Dorsey now.

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