What Makes Good Persuasive Copywriting Stand Out

What Makes Good Persuasive Copywriting Stand Out


What makes good persuasive copywriting stand out? Marketing is all about the power of words when it comes to good copywriting whether that is seo copywriting, persuasive copywriting, or just becoming a copywriting mastery marketer.


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Good Persuasive Copywriting

I’m Blind; Please Help

I came across a story of a homeless man sitting in a community square. A cardboard sign was propped up against him which read, “I’m Blind. Please Help.”

The man was completely ignored and the sign was not working at all.

After some time, a woman stops by the man, takes the sign and scrawls something on the back side of it. She puts the sign back and walks away.

All at once, people start coming over to the man and the donations start increasing.

The man was bewildered by the change in his fortune. Some time later the woman walks by again on her way back, she stops to talk with the man.

When he realized that this was the woman who changed his fortune, he asked her what she had done to change his sign.

Good Persuasive Copywriting

It’s A Beautiful Day And I Can’t See It.

Her reply? She said, “I wrote the same thing, only using different words.”

She said the words she chose were “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it”.

This is the power of words. What makes good persuasive copywriting stand out to change the mind and hearts of people?

It is good persuasive copywriting which stands out and catches the eye of those that can relate to your intended result from your words.

Good persuasive copywriting can make the difference between no or little results and massive effects.

What makes good persuasive copywriting stand out:

  • One of the most powerful things of good persuasive copywriting can be is to break down a reader’s guard with an unexpected approach. It tilts a person’s perspective.
  • Find what our audience can relate to. It’s not about what you say, it’s about how they feel. It’s about making a connection.
  • The purpose of the headline is to get you to read the first line. The purpose of the first line is to get you to read the second line and so on. Good persuasive copywriting leads the reader on.
  • Good persuasive copywriting is born out of listening. If you listen carefully, your audience can eventually give you everything you need, including much of your copy.
  • Good persuasive copywriting doesn’t need dressing up with jargon and uninteresting details. Good copywriting should speak to the reader in human terms.

Hundreds of courses, reports and how to systems can be found on the Internet with regard to good persuasive copywriting. Finding what truly is good persuasive copywriting comes from those who have mastered it.

Good Persuasive Copywriting

Good Persuasive Copywriting

Fortunately, good persuasive copywriting mastery is a skillset that can be learned.

Hundreds of marketers have already learned this skillset. You can learn this copywriting skill.

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