How To Become An Expert In Your Niche Without Faking It

How To Become An Expert In Your Niche Without Faking It

Jane Orlov - How To Become An Expert In Your Niche Without Faking It

Jane Orlov – How To Become An Expert In Your Niche Without Faking It

I have just watched an interview that George Fourie of “That MLM Beat” and specifically of “the Top 50 Blog Contest”, conducted with the second runner up Jane Orlov. They entitled the interview “How to become an expert in your niche without faking it”.

Jane’s story is not unlike anyone coming into this industry, in that it is a story of overcoming obstacles and fears that hold most people back from gaining success in their own life and business. Her’s is a story of pushing through those fears and just taking the action regardless of the end result and keep doing it.


How to become an expert takes a learning curve.


One part of the interview particularly stood out. She was talking about filming her videos through her learning curve, whether they were good or bad, and keeping them for sharing with her downline that we all go through the same thing.

In her down moments she would go back and watch the first videos and get back into that same energy again, and push through to keep going.


Becoming an expert takes consistency!


I quote, “We all go through the same moments, it’s not all rosy, we all have the same doubts, we all have the same fears, but keep pushing. So many people quit because first of all they think it’s going to happen sooner than it actually does. They don’t realize how hard it is to keep consistency and to keep pushing themselves when they don’t make any money. But you still keep going, and going, and going, until you reach your goals. And it does take a lot of work, it does take consistency”.

Jane also talks a lot about sharing value, sharing what she was learning, so she could then share that with her downline when they had questions about what they were doing and how to solve their problems too.

She communicates with her downline and her list basically through Facebook and provides value there.


How to become a social media expert on Facebook!


She shares on trick which has helped to get here face all over the Internet and that is to use the Avatar service to have your face appear wherever your content is. Pick one picture and stick with it and never change it. Most people relate to picturing your face and they will forget your name much easier.

The trick is to put your name everywhere your content is, such as when you choose keywords for your articles or with your videos, make sure to put your name in with those keywords. Then if someone Google’s your name looking for you, “BOOM”, there you are.

Later on in the interview Jane also talks about pushing through the fear and overcome it. Jane says the fear is all in our head, as “If our back is pressed against the wall, and you have no other income, like no other way to feed the kids, you are going to do something. And once you see the potential and you see ‘why not’ because you see other people are doing it, you can learn. No one is born with these huge skills, you can learn”.


Become an expert in your niche without faking it  – be transparent


What sets Jane Orlov apart from those who do and those who don’t, has been a shift in her consciousness which that if you don’t know something, don’t hide it, just say “I don’t know”, and be transparent.

If you don’t know something then don’t try to come up with an answer to cover the fact that you don’t know that. There is always the fear then that they will find out you don’t know that and will laugh at you. She says, “There is always Google”.

Once that moment shifted and she said to herself, “I don’t care what people think of me, I don’t care, I’m just going to do this and whatever happens happens”.

Having placed second in the Top 50 Blogging Contest, she is presented as the Top Female blogger for 2012.


Jane Orlov - Top Female Blogger

Jane Orlov – Top Female Blogger

How to become an internet marketer – become expert by taking action!


The huge note which I picked up from Jane was that she has purchased many of the network marketer’s products who are having tremendous success in this network marketing industry. Learned as much as she could to get started, and then took the action she choose to make her mark in this industry.

Many of these marketer’s are with MLM Lead System Pro, a training system designed for helping new marketer’s, whether in network marketing, MLM, affiliate marketing, or any business which can be run right out of your home and using the Internet to build your business and you list. These marketer’s share their secrets and strategies which propelled them to their success, and wish the same for you.


“Become An Expert”






Jane Orlov’s golden three step strategy is “Consume; Produce; Share”. Consume everything you get and learn online. Produce a product about it and make it your own. And share it with others.

Her story reveals it hasn’t always been easy but she pushed through and now she is full of confidence and willing to share how to “become an expert” in your niche without faking it to empower others to do the same. Well done Jane Orlov.

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