How to Produce MLM Free Leads

How to Produce MLM Free Leads


MLM Free Leads

How to Produce MLM Free Leads

MLM free leads are everywhere, however, one of the biggest challenges to those new to MLM is getting leads, although it truly is not that difficult.

Many people think that the easiest way to get a lot of leads to start off with, is to purchase leads, but this is not really a smart idea.

Unless you know where your leads have been generated from you are likely going to be paying for leads that are old or irrelevant, implying that the e-mails and names have been captured for some other purpose and then recycled and sold to you.

Buying leads especially from unproven sources can be a costly and unproductive endeavor.

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MLM Free Leads – You’re Looking for Qualified Leads


There are a number of various ways in which you can get MLM free leads if your business is Internet based. It may take a little time to position yourself but if you do a little research and walk around the Internet you will find places where it is simple to generate leads.

One very easy way is to make a contribution to blogs and forums. When you’re blog commenting as a source for MLM leads you’ve got to find blogs that allow you to leave a backlink to your own blog or website, otherwise it is a waste of your time.

You can simply use Google to find blogs by looking for “your product” with the word ‘blog’ afterwards ( no quotations ).

Ideally what you are looking for are the blogs with the highest page ranking and are active blog sites.

When you are in the blog, check to verify that there is a live link where you will leave your name and / or a link to your internet site. Regularly it can be found by clicking on the name of the person leaving the comment or there may be a fresh line for you to leave your URL.

Ensure the URL you do leave takes the reader thru to your lead capture page. Make your page simple and neat and have the sign in box above the fold and accessible.

By commenting on blogs that have relevancy to your product the leads that will come back should be good leads from people who may have an interest in purchasing your product.

Try and incorporate an action call when you leave a comment.


MLM Free Leads – Attraction Marketing and Blog Commenting


Make sure that your avatar is a picture of you, as default avatars are way too impersonal.

You ought to be giving useful and topical content on other people’s blogs that will encourage a visitor to click thru to your site.

Posts such as “this is cool” are ultimately going to be removed by the moderator.

You are trying to get know by the blog owner and share what you know on a constant basis, in this fashion you’re going to be known as an authority in your field.

All of this could inspire others to read up about what you are offering as value to the community.

Don’t make your blog comments an obvious commercial for your product. Attraction Marketing is not about the produce not is it about your business opportunity.

Attraction Marketing is about solving a problem for someone else. If you are perceived as an expert in a particular area, you will be attracting “MLM free leads” on a regular basis.

You can leave comments on Yahoo Answers and on Facebook connections too.


MLM Free Leads – Make Acquaintances on Blogs and the MLM free leads will Come.


Pay no attention to your product at this point. What you are attempting to do is get your character recognized in the most highly ranked blogs and forums which will be relevant to your products or services.

You are first and foremost marketing yourself by attraction marketing. This is the simplest way to find “MLM free leads”.

By Robert Dorsey



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