How to Recruit a Fresh MLM Network Marketing Lead

How to Recruit a Fresh MLM Network Marketing Lead

What is a great “MLM network marketing lead”, exactly?  Then, once you have a great prospect or potential business partner on the hook, what do you do with them, exactly?

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The answer to these two questions can be what makes all the difference between enjoying massive success or struggling for years. As important, of course, is to become very skilled at knowing what to say and how to say it in order to easily guide potential customers and prospects into taking a closer look.


MLM Network Marketing Lead – Quality Matters


If you have more time than money, you can create your own leads by contacting family and friends and co-workers. However, you will always come to a point where you will run out of these leads.

You can also participate in online forums and other social media sites. You can also simply offer valuable training, tips and business building advice.

If you have more money than time, you can consider buying leads or even creating a few mlm network marketing lead advertising campaigns.

Flip open your cell phone. Click through to contacts and… voila!  There you go.  You’ve found the most cost effective mlm network marketing lead possible.

Because your warm market, the people with whom you have an established relationship with (either personal or on a more professional level), already know, like and trust you at some level.

Pick up the phone or type out a quick email.  Simply connect and ask if they are open to taking a look at something you are excited about.  If they answer, no – who cares?  Move on!  And if so, perfect!

Because unless you actively map out a strategy for meeting new people on a consistent and regular basis, it will never happen. So you need to have a plan on the table for this happen.

Because the “magic pill” to huge network marketing success is to always be getting your MLM opportunity in front of new people on a regular basis.


Purchasing MLM Network Marketing Leads


A common answer to running out of warm market leads is to step into the market and buy leads from an online lead company.

Business opportunity seeker leads are a dime a dozen.  They can cost as much as $12 or more per lead.  It depends entirely on age, quality and qualification standards.

Both online and offline lead generation costs a lot of money.  The industry standard ranges between $12 and $25 per lead.  To make a profit, most lead generation companies are literally forced to repackage and resell the same lead at least a half dozen times.

Dig a bit deeper into the industry and you might be shocked to discover that brokers sell leads to brokers who then turn around and sell them to you.

So the “exclusive” lead you think you are buying may just be exclusive to you from that one broker and be resold as “exclusive” to many, many others from other brokers.


There are any number of ways to generate your own “MLM Network Marketing Leads”.

  • Think classified ads both online and offline.
  • You can post help wanted or business opportunity ads on Craigslist or USFree ads.
  • Place banner ads.
  • Invest in list exchanges.
  • Funnel traffic to your pages via pay-per-click or per-per-view or even video exposure.
  • The sky is the limit.
  • You can even outsource all of these promotional activities if you want.

The downside, of course, is now you will be eating the $12 to $25 per lead cost yourself. So conversions (what you say and how you say it) will be much, much more important.


“MLM Network Marketing Lead” – Attraction Marketing


How to Recruit a Fresh MLM Network Marketing Lead

How to Recruit a Fresh MLM Network Marketing Lead

One of the most least expensive, yet powerful, ways to generate your own “MLM network marketing lead” is to use attraction marketing methods.

Attraction marketing can best be summed up by this statement, “Making a living through giving”.

Meaning you want to focus on providing your market with incredible value first; then go for the sale later.

Play out this scene:

  • I’m dealing with a few issues right now. I’m actively searching both online and offline for a solution.
  • You offer free tips and insights I can use today.  Right here.  Right now.
  • So now wouldn’t you agree you have gained favor in my eyes and that I’m more likely to grace you with my business some time in the future? Of course.
  • So now I stay in touch and, over time, as you continue to offer a variety of free services and helpful information ( samples or whatever I might find of interest ) chance are very good we will eventually do business.

It is also possible to use a lead generation system designed to not only help you generate that “MLM Network Marketing Lead”, but also earn you an income while learning how to market you home based business.

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