Is Your Job Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams

Is Your Job Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams

Is your job holding you back from living your dreams? Where is your comfort zone at? Are you more comfortable working for someone else and having that someone control your every move?


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Can you relate to the following scenario?

It’s been two months since you got back from your two week holiday you had coming to you for the year.

You receive notice that there is a network marketing training seminar for your MLM company, which you work at part time from your home, coming up next month and you know you should go to it.

Deep down you feel this could make all the difference for your success in your home business to take your business to the next level.

“Live your dream”

Building a home business online

It’s exactly what you need, training on how to market online.

You go to your boss tell him you have to go out of town for a seminar and you will need another week off.

Guess what his reply is! “No way in H*** you are taking another week off till next year”!

You have already used up the two weeks that you are allowed for holiday each year and so you won’t get another holiday till next year.

So you settle for the mundane, routine life of just getting by and being comfortable. You put the idea of living your dreams on the back burner with the belief that you were not meant to have your dreams come into reality.

Live the life of your dreams

Put on hold

How many times has a similar experience happened to you?

Is Your Job Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams

Is Your Job Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams

Well, for my liking, this happens far too often. I can speak from experience having it happen to me in the past, not once, but several times.

It was at one point that I decided to make my stand and take in the seminar no matter the outcome. And it came!

I had given my notice to management that I was going to take in a seminar in another city and I would be taking a week to do it. Plans were made, I paid for the entry and, for once, I was determined to accomplish my decision.

As I was in management as well, I had more responsibility to the company, so I made arrangements with staff to fill in while I was gone. Everything was set.

True Story! Two days before I was to leave, my boss came to me and handed me my dismissal notice. In the letter it stated that I was abandoning my position and the business, so I would be dismissed for leaving.

Guess what my reply was! You guessed it, “Good-bye and have a nice life”. True story! This happened 2 1/2 years earlier at the time of this writing.

Of course I could not believe it would happen to me, but that is just the way corporate business is like. You give your whole life of service to someone else, and the moment you want to do something for yourself, you find you are owned and controlled by the job.

Living your dream

Are You Controlled by others?

So I ask you, “Is this any way to live?” What ever happened to the idea of living your dreams that you so longed for since childhood?

Way too many people are at the mercy of their job and never get a chance to live the life they have secretly dreamed of all their life.

Can you relate to this in your situation and circumstance in your own life? Is you life your own, or are you too under the control of an economic system which has no feeling or empathy for your circumstance?

Are you being controlled by a cold and uncaring, non-human authority that is only after your life of service to the system?

Is Your Job Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams

Is Your Job Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams

I lived my whole life as ninety-eight percent of people life, doing my job and making someone else rich, while I just barely got by living from paycheck to paycheck, and having nothing left at the end of the month after paying the bills and putting food on the table and a roof over our heads.

This is why I am so passionate about the work-from-home network marketing industry, as it offers the only solution to problem, a residual income that has no limit on the amount of people who you can have in your business, as well as no limit on how much money you will make. It all depends on the work put into it, but that is no different that how much work you have put into making someone else rich anyways. You just do it for yourself now.

Living Your Dreams

Learning new skills for a new job was never in question.

Learning new skill for your new home based business is the same. Find that people who are getting the results you want, find out what they are doing to get those results, and take the training they are offering to teach you, and take the necessary action to get those results.

Sound too simple? Well it is actually just that simple.

Long story short! When I came across My Lead System Pro and found that there were leaders inside the system who had step by step ‘how to’ marketing training videos that were easy to understand and to follow, I knew I had found what I was looking for in terms of help online.

I have now replaced my ‘job’ of twenty-two years and now make more money in the network marketing industry than I every have since I entered the MLM arena some forty years ago. And it’s all due to new marketing skill acquired from MLSP along with direction from leaders in the system.

If I had not taken that first step to stick to my decision and follow my plans through even though it meant I lost my job, I would not be where I am today.

I wish only the best  for you and your family, and that is why we are here at My Lead System Pro, to help you get the results in business so you too can start living the life you have only dreamed of before this point in time.

Is your job holding you back from living your dreams? The decision is yours! The time is now!

Click here now and get started building a residual income for freedom from financial stress and worry while enjoying life with health, happiness and success, and begin living your dreams you have desired to for so long.



It was ruled by Human Resources that I had received “Unlawful Dismissal” and I was awarded full unemployment benefits for the time allotted. This was enough to cover my until I signed off when my income was replaced.