Living Your Dreams Of Abundance

Living Your Dreams Of Abundance


Are you “living your dreams” or still struggling to reach them? There are a few things to think about that you will need to help you attain those dreams.


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Living your dreams” – Have a plan!


Plan your work and work your plan.

Andrew Carnegie when asked by Napoleon Hill why it was that he had do many riches and so many people that worked very hard didn’t seem to have any!

He said it was an attitudinal thing. Then he said “I demand riches on definite terms. I have a plan for acquiring riches. I am engaged in carrying out my plan. And I am giving an equivalence in equal value of the riches that I demand.”

Andrew Carnegie had a plan and he worked his plan.

As Internet Marketers or Network Marketers we are always talking about having a dream and working to see our dream fulfilled. But while it is important to have a dream, something you are shooting for, something we are all working for, it is equally important to work out a plan to fulfill that dream.


Plan your work and work your plan.


This reminds me of Martin Luther King who made famous the phrase “I have a dream”.

But we should also say “I have a plan”.

Living Your Dreams Of Abundance

Living Your Dreams

Without a definite plan like Andrew Carnegie it is easy to get sidetracked and go off chasing shiny objects from every Internet Marketer online trying to entice you into buy their stuff and then you find you have wasted thousands of dollars and you are getting nowhere.

Plan your work and work your plan but put the work back into the ‘work from home’ equation.


“I have a dream”, but I also have a plan.


My dream is to find 10 people and show them how to earn $100,000 in the first year of their business and subsequently earn a six figure residual income each year after that.

When I first started looking at how people made money online, I never knew if this was even possible. Now with the system set up and in place, the system works and it is working well.

I know it works because in less than one year of starting my Network Marketing business, I have it working. I have members of my team who are seeking to build their own business joining us and I have no idea who some of these people are coming from but they too are on their way to living their dreams.

Yet there they are using the tools we use and are starting building their business also.

Building an online business that works on autopilot is the ultimate dream of an Internet Marketer.

And today with the Internet and a WordPress blogging platform it is easier than ever to set up:

  • Blog every day.
  • Set up your links to your offers within your articles, get your articles ranked on the first page of Google, and drive free highly qualified targeted traffic to your blog post.
  • Money is automatically deposited to your account.


The 1-2-3 steps of setting up your business that works on autopilot.


Once set up, just rinse and repeat. Everything you do will be to plan the work it takes to set it all up, make sure there are no broken links, and then turn the switch on so that everything works on autopilot.


Plan your work and then work your plan.


Although this simple process works and works well, it will not happen without putting in the work to make it happen.

However, once you have your plan, it is easy to follow that plan and take appropriate action to carry out your plan and accomplish the end result you are searching for; which of course is “living your dreams”.

By Robert Dorsey



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