Making Money At Home

Making Money At Home

‘Making money at home’ has many faces, but money is not one of them. Money is just a by product of your success, however, it is your actions you take as well as the techniques of marketing which makes making money at home possible.

Making Money At Home

Making Money At Home

Making Money At Home

I demand riches on definite terms


Andrew Carnegie, probably the wealthiest man in his day, was asked by Napoleon Hill, “How is it that you don’t seem to work very hard and yet you have so many riches, and yet there are so many people who work very hard, and don’t seem to have any?”

His reply was that it was an attitudinal thing.

He said,
“I demand riches on definite terms,
I have a definite plan for acquiring riches,
I am engaged in carrying out my plan,
And I am giving an equivalence in useful service, of the value of those riches that I demand”.

It was the latter part of Andrew’s statement that caught my attention, “And I am giving an equivalence of useful service of the value of those riches I demand”. This gave me the idea that making money at home was possible. Making money at home falls completely into this category of Andrew Carnegie’s statement.


‘Making Money At Home’

I have a definite plan for acquiring riches


What you give in service will always determine what you receive in return.

If you work at a job, you get paid for your service of the value of that job, period. Even if you work on commission, you only get paid for the sale, period.

It is not any different with making money at home. You have a business set up for making money at home, you will also get paid for the value of that business.


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I was talking with a friend the other day and she said, “Why do you do what you do” that results in you making money at home?


Making Money At Home

I am engaged in carrying out my plan


I told her I offer service that has the capability to help others in making money at home, and in turn, they can help people they know to make money at home as well.

I told her that working at a job helps no one other than the person I work for. Even if I am an owner of a business on the street, I help no one except maybe a few employees, and unless the business is big enough, that won’t be more than a few at best.


Making Money At Home

Having a service to offer you


So this industry of MLM, Multi Level Marketing home-based business, is the only real industry were any individual can offer someone else the possibility of making money at home and generating hundreds, and even thousands of dollars with little start-up cost, and that anyone can do it.

  • If you have no service to offer, you have no source for wealth.
  • If you have no system to create wealth for others, you will not create any for yourself.
  • It is all about service and the value of that service.

In reality we all offer a service.


Making Money At Home

Working by the hour is the absolute worst way to make money


When you work for an hourly wage for someone else, we offer our services for the value of that hourly wage.

At the end of the day when we stop work and go home, we also stop getting paid. If we get sick and can’t go to work, we don’t get paid. That is the way the system is designed, to keep you working and to keep your nose to the grindstone all your life.

They have it all figured out ahead of you, and that is why there is a minimum wage that all hourly wages are based on, so that as long as you are making money for someone else and not making money at home, and paying your taxes, you will never get ahead and you will be in debt to the system all the days of your life.

But when you have a business that is making you money at home, you can offer a service that pays you tomorrow for work you did yesterday, that has leveraged your service and has increased the value of that service, not only for you, but also for those who you introduced that same service to so they can do the same, then working for yourself when you are making money at home becomes much more intriguing.


Making Money At Home

The power of leveraging time and energy


As an example, I have been in an MLM, Multi Level Marketing business since 1994, and I still get paid for work I did back in 1994-1995. Talk about the power of leverage. This is truly the power of making money at home.

If you don’t have a service to offer equal to the value of the riches you are demanding, you have no way of getting those riches. An industry where you are capable of making money at home is the solution to this problem.

If you don’t have a system which will pay you a residual income on a continual basis, you have nothing. Just keep your day job, give service to one and only one source of income for your paycheck, and be satisfied with the money you have, because that is all you will ever get.


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Making Money At Home

“But as for me and my house”


But for me and my house, I am no longer satisfied with getting paid less than I am worth.

I am demanding definite riches, and in so doing, I am giving an equivalence in equal service of the value of those riches which I demand so that others also have the opportunity of making money at home.

That is why I am in this business. To offer you, the reader, the possibility of acquiring those same riches to help your loved ones enjoy the benefits of the end result in your business, and making money from home is the answer.

The fundamental concept for the idea of MLM, Multi Level Marketing business, was not just to get you to sell someone else’s product, but to give you ways of making money at home in an MLM home-based business and have the opportunity to get rich doing it.

If that wasn’t the case, we would all be going to Amway department stores instead of Walmart or Sears Roebuck.

One of the objectives I have heard many times, is that the reason MLM was created was to get other people to sell for them and only the people at the top make all the money.

But in reality, there is no other system which gives the distributor the same opportunity of making money at home, not only from selling their products, but from product sold by your downline.


“Making Money At Home”

Get paid for sharing


So here’s the thing, MLM and Internet Marketing offers anyone the opportunity to have multiple ways of making money at home through multiple sources of income that you cannot get from just working a 9-5 job.

When is the last time you got a check from Walmart from telling a friend that you had just purchased that watch, a sweater, or a piece of jewelry at Walmart and they could get the same thing for themselves at Walmart too?

But you recommend that a friend get what they are looking for by ordering from your MLM business and you get paid for the same referral.

That is the power of leveraging in this industry.

That is why I believe that making money at home is the answer to families who are just getting by and really need to make extra money to live a lifestyle free from debt.

And with the Internet today, there are so many ways of making money at home online, one only need do a little research and you can find that making money at home does require some training in today’s market place.

The problem I find with most people in this industry is that if they don’t learn how to make money fast, they just jump from one company to another before they ever get anything working.


Making Money At Home

Investing in your education


When I started learning how to get started making money at home, I found the best place to start was with My Lead System Pro. Although MLM Lead System Pro is not an MLM business, it is a funded proposal system that pays affiliate commissions while you learn the various strategies of making money at home on the Internet, and also promotes my primary business right inside the MLSP system.

To learn more about how you can have dramatic success making money at home in your MLM, Multi Level Marketing home-based business and make money from home using MLM Lead System Pro prospecting strategies, it’s important to learn everything you possibly can about making money at home and how to market online when you start your online business.


Work part time in your spare time and start making money at home now!


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