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Here is my personal list for effective article marketing tools

these are are a must:


A.)  HMA! Pro VPN

Before any Backlinking and Bookmarking are attempted, it is not recommended that your links should be generated from your own ip address and linking back to yourself.

Therefore it is a must to “Hide My Ass”. Literally.

HMA  – Which literally stands for “Hide My Ass”, is a must to have as an online marketer. Before blasting your links out to the online world, start “Hide My Ass” and be confident that you are protected from the Google police.

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Keyword Research is the foundation for Article Marketing.


Free Google Planner tool: let Google tell you what keywords people are typing in to the search box when they are searching for your service


B.)  Market Samurai

Market Samurai: Analyze Keyword and Keyword phrases:

1)  Rank Tracker

2)  Keyword Research

3)  SEO Competition

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You must have an article submitter software and bookmarking



1.)  Article Marketing Robot.

You will be using Article Marketing Robot to submit articles to get backlinks to your blog posts so you get your blog posts ranking on the first page of Google. This will get your blog seen by targeted leads for your business.

Go here sign up for Article Marketing Robot and follow all the step by step video training to get started making money.

Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot






2.)  Unique Article Wizard is a must.

Getting high quality traffic is probably the biggest question asked by both new and established online businesses.  After all, it makes no difference if you are selling a product, promoting affiliate links, or displaying adsense – you need traffic.  And loads of it.

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3.)  Magic Submitter – Another Magic Tool

Magic Submitter levels the playing field and gives you the ability to drive thousands of new customers to your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll get your site ranked at the top of Google 10x faster than you normally would.

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Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter Is A Must






4.) The Best Spinner

According to SponsoredLinX, if you are doing any kind of article marketing and are submitting articles to article directories through article submission tools, then you must have unique content.

All of the above article submission tools require spun article up to at least 30% unique content or higher, and to do this you must have a good spinner tool.

I use ‘The Best Spinner’ for spinning my articles and making them easy to read.

The Best Spinner is called the best spinner for a reason.


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The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner