MLM Leaders Know The Road

MLM Leaders Know The Road

MLM leaders know the road to success for many reasons, but most predominant reason is because they have been down this road before.

MLM Leaders Know The Road

MLM Leaders On The Trail

Most MLM leaders have failed several times on their way to success. On the way they have learned where the curves in the road are, where the potholes and the pitfalls are.

They understand the hills and the valleys and when the road goes up or down to decrease your speed to success or to accelerate it.

This comes with experience, having learned each time they have been on the road.

MLM leaders know the road and are always learning and never give up.

Let me tell you a story.

As a kid growing up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, I experienced being on a cattle drive every year as we drove our cattle, along with a few neighbours, to summer pasture.

We had approximately twenty miles to drive them and it was an all day drive on horseback.

When the drive was over and the cattle were in the pasture, I would have gto ride back home, which meant I wouldn’t get back home till well after dark.

Not to digress off the subject, but those were some of the best days of my life.

But there was one thing I always noticed.

There was always one older cow that would get out in front of the herd and lead the way. This was always a cow that had been down that road before, sometimes many times.

It was always the cow with the most experience at being on those drives, but more than that, she was the leader of the herd.

This cow also set the pace for the rest of the herd.

Sometimes a cow or calf would stray off the road and it would be our job as riders to bring the stray back to the herd.

Not to assume that we are like cattle in this MLM network marketing industry, but I am sure you can see the analogy.

Statistics have shown that 97% of Multilevel Marketers are followers and only 3% are MLM leaders.

It is easier to be a follower than it is to be a leader. Followers get up in the morning and put their coat on and go to their job where they schedule is laid out for them to follow for the day.

Someone else tells them what to do and has trained them to do it so they don’t ever have to think, just follow their training.

And then at the end of the day they go home and forget about their job until the next day when they repeat the same procedure over and over again.

It is easy to fit in with the herd and don’t stand out so they won’t be expected to make any decisions just in case they go the wrong way and someone would have to bring them back on course or they will get left behind.

It is hard to become a leader. It requires qualities that set MLM leaders apart from the herd.

Fear of criticism from the herd has kept many from stepping out and becoming the leaders they could be.

But remember the qualities of the leader on our cattle drives.

She was older, sure of herself and never hesitating to step out and lead. She had been over that road before and knew the way.

She set the pace for the rest of the herd and they all had to keep up or get left behind.

On the cattle drive, it was my job to keep strays from getting lost or falling behind.

So why should you listen to me now and consider me to be a leader?

MLM leaders know the road

Well, I have been down this road before and I know the way.

I have been involved with one MLM business or another since I was fifteen years old, but that was before the Internet even existed.

And of course it was different back when your list consisted of family, friends, and relatives.

And when no one joined your business, then what?

Sure I sold a lot of product, but no one I knew had the time nor the interest to get into business with me. They were all doing their thing, times were good and the economy was stable.

As long as you were part of the herd and following what everyone else was doing, there was no need to look for another means of income. We were all taught to do as our forefathers had done for generations, and that was to get a good job, work for a pension and retire in comfort.

Well, times are different now, and marketing has turned to the Internet.

Now it is easy to get your name and your opportunity in front of hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of potential starving people looking to make money using the Internet just like the MLM leaders do in theirs.

Having past experience with old tradition face to face marketing, has given me an advantage in this new age of Internet Marketing.

Even the experienced in the herd still relies on that older leader to take them down the right road and to get them to their destination safely.

That is why I got into this MLM Network Marketing industry again.

I see the advantage of using the Internet to build a successful MLM home based business. And with the training available through My Lead System Pro, it is easier now than ever.

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