MLM Recruiting Insider Secrets

MLM Recruiting Insider Secrets

Focusing on “MLM recruiting” as well as sponsoring new reps into your primary MLM business should be where you spend eighty to ninety percent of your time.

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Ask anyone that is successful in the MLM business and they’re going to tell you that they concentrate on and focus between eighty percent to ninety percent of their time on network marketing recruiting, and you need to do the same if you want to obtain the same financial independence.


MLM Recruiting and MLM Sponsoring


This is where all heavy hitters make their money. And that is it in a nutshell.

Take a couple of minutes to think about it.

Your company’s products may be the most superior thing ever invented, but if all you do is pitch the product and get one sale per customer then actually all you’re doing is the same as being a sales assistant on a commission.

By targeting and spending the majority of your time on MLM recruiting, you will be able to leverage the time of a well-trained downline, who can then go out and also pitch the product effectively, there will then be lots of people, all adding a little to your wealth.

Shall we say you manage somehow to sell X number of products each month on your own.

Because you have an excellent product and a well-trained team now, between you and your team that X amount now becomes X to the power of your network marketing team.


The Numbers Involved in MLM Recruiting


If you take the time to examine any of the heavy hitters in the internet marketing business arena, those people that may even be earning seven-figures annually, you will likely not be surprised to find out that the majority of their income is made because there are perhaps a half a dozen or so top producers on their team of thousands.

Yes that’s right, that’s six, not hundreds. Merely a handful if you have six fingers.

The crazy thing is they may not have personally sponsored those other top producers.

The majority of people in network marketing quickly lose interest in their companies, or just do not make it.

Only thirty percent who sign up will actually last past the first three months.

Who can say why? Maybe those people are lazy. But it’s a sad fact.

Only three percent out of this thirty percent will become the ones who make six and seven figure incomes.

The others may do very well and just make a couple of thousand dollars a month; many individuals are quite contented doing that.

This is just the way the game is played.

Three percent will become MLM recruiting megastars.

So the lesson you want to wrap your head around here is you need to find a way to personally sponsor and recruit at least one hundred new team members to join your MLM business as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Sponsor one hundred people and you’ll become rich.

Keep sponsoring by the hundreds, that’s how you can become wealthy. That’s how it’s done.


Successful “MLM Recruiting” Secrets

MLM Recruiting Insider Secrets

MLM Recruiting Insider Secrets

Though you personally need to sponsor one hundred new team members, you cannot just pitch your internet marketing opportunity to one hundred people because obviously they will not all sign up.

You need to promote to most likely around one thousand people, which may give you a ten percent success rate.

These are raw numbers obviously, but the number may be more.

So decide how you’re going to create a constant stream of new MLM leads, ten percent of whom will be interested in taking a look in joining your business.

What are you planning to do to make this happen?

While there’s no right or wrong way to do “MLM recruiting”, you will need to go through the numbers because it is a sifting and sorting process, not a persuading and selling process.


MLM Secrets for MLM Recruiting and Sponsoring


You just need to come up with a way to connection with a substantial number of people on a regular basis, direct them to a simple presentation, and follow up with those who have expressed an interest.

If you have a significant budget, you might want to think about running a paid advertising campaign for your MLM business both offline and online.

Or perhaps put together an advertising co-op and split the costs as well as the results with your team.

You can also apply face-to-face MLM recruiting methods such as house meetings or perhaps in a hall or conference room in your local hotel.

One of the fastest and most simple methods is by utilizing an online MLM lead generation system such as MLM Lead System Pro.

You can just about set this MLM recruiting system on autopilot. You set it up once, then you plug your MLM business opportunity into the system and the system draws those people that are looking to change their lives to you.

This is what attraction marketing is really all about, and you are left to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Whatever works for you.

You only need one hundred new members of your team.

So get started right now, decide what will work for you and keep working on MLM recruiting” and sponsoring until you are making the kind of money you will be satisfied with.

By Robert Dorsey



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