Newbie To MLM Home Based Business

Newbie To MLM Home Based Business

Newbie To MLM Home Based Business

Ya I Got This Baby

How long did it take you to sign up for your MLM home based business opportunity?

How long did it take to fill in your contact and important information to get you qualified as a distributor, send it to head office, and receive your confirmation that your were now a full fledged distributor for your new line of products to sell or maybe just to purchase wholesale?

How long did that really take?

What did take the time was all the hours spent by the people who were enticing you to do it. Maybe it was to get you to a hotel meeting or a seminar. Maybe it was just sending enough e-mails to encourage you to sign up. Maybe they had to hard sell you into making the decision to finally take the plunge.

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“MLM Home Based Business” – You found what you were looking for?

Or maybe it didn’t take them anytime at all if you were the one looking for them.

At any rate, think about what went on behind the scenes to get you to that point. So how did they really do it? How did they sell you on signing up with them? And how long did it really take?

Well there is a little unknown trade secret that I have stumbled on that unveils what the top leaders in any MLM, network marketing, internet marketing or online marketing business advertising campaign is all about. Want to now what that is??

Home Based MLM Business Opportunity – What appealed to you the most?


Yes that’s what it is all about. It is all about entertaining your prospect to become part of your group or team. It’s all about keeping them engaged with you and keeping them entertained.

It’s not about the product. It’s not about the company. It’s certainly not about the compensation plan or all the technical stuff that they will have to know to get leads, convert those leads to sign up, receive your check in the mail, take that check to the bank and deposit your commission into your bank account.

Oh, no! It’s all about how entertaining you are. Period!!

Home Based MLM Business

Is this right for you?

If you’ve been in the MLM industry for any length of time, you have been to a few opportunity meetings I am sure.

The first thing you might noticed when you entered the room was the upbeat music they had playing. This was to set the mood and get you to relax into the atmosphere of the crowd.

MLM – Then came the show.

So ask yourself what did the show have to do with marketing. Well the truth is, it had everything to do with the multi level marketing. The whole strategy of the meeting was to get prospective members so enthused with what they were seeing at the meeting, that surely they would want to be part of such an enthusiastic group.

You got excited and emotionally involved with the atmosphere in the room and you convinced yourself that this was the business for you. You made your decision!

Home Based Business Opportunities – You sign up!

So you met with your new sponsor, the person who invited you to the meeting, and you signed on the dotted line. Now what do you do? You put in your first order and waited for your kit to arrive.

A week later you have had time to think about what you are going to do to market your new business and, long story short, no one wants to join you in your business.

You ask yourself “how can this be? How can no one, not my friends, family or the people I work with, not be as excited as I was when I decided that this was such a fantastic business to be in?”

The truth of it is, the meeting was to entertain you and get you emotionally involved at the time so it would make you feel good. You let your feelings lead you and not your head.

Newbie To “MLM Home Based Business”

Now What?

You are not alone.Now what?

Most people in the MLM industry get in due to emotional based decisions rather that realizing that this is a business just like any real world business out there in the workplace, and it must be treated as such or you will become another statistic that will fail in the first 3 months of starting.

What you now need is not to quit but to find some proven marketing methods that work well and get training so you can learn how to market your new business.

Here is what we use to learn how the top marketer’s are building multiple figure incomes and you can do it to.

Those that have the most success in the MLM arena are those who have a system in place to give them direction and support right out of the gate. It makes no difference which multi level marketing companies you may be looking at, to have the kind of success you are looking for, you will need to learn how to market you “mlm home based business“.

By Robert Dorsey



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