Setting Up Residual Income Streams on The Internet

Setting Up Residual Income Streams on The Internet

Residual Income Streams on the Internet, is it really possible? Are you one of the people in financial difficulty where residual income streams maybe your answer to your monetary pressures due to the economic conditions of today?

If fact you may be looking for residual income streams to accumulate some real wealth in your life?


Residual Income Streams

Residual Income Streams

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Here’s a fast test on affiliate marketing. Let’s see how you do.

Here are 2 affiliate marketing systems, you choose which one is better. Let’s see if you can choose which one will be more lucrative for residual income streams?


Residual Income Streams – Example #1


In one promoting scenario it takes 100 clicks to make a sale. The commission received once that sale is created is $100. The normal refund rate for the item is five percent. If you pay $.80 cents per click what will be the return on your initial $100 investment (did we mention there was mathematics involved?).


“Residual Income Streams” – Example #2


In the second scenario it takes the same, 100 clicks to make a sale. That sale also pays a $100 commission, but there is the added bonus of an additional $10 a month commission for 4 months. There’s also a repayment rate of five percent, and you will get paid that additional $10 four times. Again, if you pay $.80 cents per click what will your return on a $100 investment be?


Residual Income Streams

Residual Income Streams


‘Residual Income Streams’

The Answer


The answer for the 1st example is as follows: it costs you $80 to make one sale. So that implies you made $20 but you have to take off five percent for the refunds, leaving you with $19 net profit. 19% is a good ROI. In the second example you may still receive $19 in commissions for that preliminary sale, but you also receive $40 for those 4 monthly sales. So if you add the $19 to the $40 then you have $59 which translates to a 59% ROI, a much more fascinating end result!


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Residual Income streams

The Difference that Makes a Difference


You can always tell a super affiliate’s marketing model when they offer something similar to the first example above, then they’re going to find a way to leverage that sale. A lot of them will offer a free report, a bonus, or a kind of review simply as a strategy of getting your contact in information. Rather than creating residual income streams, they will continually offer upsales for more expensive products. They give price for price and that’s where the leverage comes in .

A targeted opt-in list could be worth up to 5 dollars a month to the list owner. The key is to offer an upsell later, which of course gives the opportunity to earn another commission as compared to residual income streams.

Put simply, if the affiliate product hasn’t got a residual income streams program behind it – most super associates will never touch it. Why should they? It can mean the greatest difference between a 19% ROI and a 59% ROI.


The Secret to Prosperity is Multiple Residual Income Streams


Consider a large river on it’s way to the ocean. Large enough to be seen from space so it is awe-inspiring. What you don’t see is all the thousands of small tributaries that run into it it to make it what it is. This huge River only exists because of all the little tributaries and streams that run into it.


Residual Income Streams

Residual Income Streams

Residual Income Streams

Build Your River With Tributaries


Look at your affiliate residual income streams in the same way, by creating multiple streams of income; you are building residual income streams of wealth. You must start by promoting a bunch of different products that have the advantage of making re-curing residual income streams. Stick to those and nothing else.

Ultimately you’ll be able to sit back and your residual income streams will run on auto-pilot. Imagine starting each month off with a growing amount in the bank without doing a thing! Isn’t that the ideal eventuality?

No more thinking how much your income will be and whether you’ll be able to pay the bills. Your residual income streams will soon build up to be enough to cover the bills before you even get to the end of the money. Isn’t it better building residual income streams than trading time for wages?

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