Retiring Without Having A Safety Harness by Robert Dorsey

Retiring Without Having A Safety Harness

by Robert Dorsey


Retiring Without Having A Safety Harness is as dangerous as hanging over the side of a skyscraper washing windows without a safety harness…



I woke up because of a dream this morning, sweat pouring from my forehead. I was part of a helicopter rescue crew and we were asked to save people from a fire.


There was other choppers attemping the rescue missions, and all of the rescuers had been doing the same thing.


The key principle of my dream was that there was not any safety harness for us in the rescue helicopters.


They were being instructed to hold on using one hand while grabbing for people we were rescuing with the other hand, like something you might see out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster movie.


Now, in my dream these guys were forced to hang on from the top of the side door that opened by using one arm and then reach down. But usually, with a normal helicopter you would have to climb down to the actual landing runners, you know, those helicopter landing runners that look something like the sleigh runners on a horse drawn cutter you’ve seen in the classic movie Doctor Zhivago, hold on tight using one arm, and perhaps a leg, then reach below in order to take the arm of the beautiful lady in distress.


The reason I awoke in a cold sweat was on account of there wasn’t any safety harness. Yes, you heard right, the rescue mission was being carried out without using a safety harness.


Retiring Without A Safety Harness

Now could you visualize you undertaking such a stunt. So now, are you able to picture an elderly individual being asked to achieve this? To hang on wthout using a safety harness?


You couldn’t even do chinups by only using one arm, let alone reach down for someone else for you to hold onto. And then without having a safety harness?


Yet sadly every single old man or woman will be required to achieve this and put their very life in jeopardy.


We ask the baby boomers of today to enter his or her retirement with no safety harness. We ask every working individual to go into their old age without a safety net.


What does that mean?


Are you able to hang on to your retirement choices and attempt to continue to exist on whatever the government provides you, or perhaps a pension plan which doesn’t exist any longer, but still try to be of some use to your loved ones?


If you are, it is the same as you holding on without having a safety harness.


With regard to Network Marketing, there’s no age limitation, virtually no limit as to the amount of people you connect with, no needing to go to your workplace or even be physically present for you to do on the job activities.


When it comes to Network Marketing, there are many options to building a safety net with your old age.


Question then is: who do you know that would be looking for his or her back-up plan as they are approaching their own retirement age?


Are you? Maybe there’s a friend who might be frightened that they’ll have to end up being placed in a Government supervised facility and all their nest egg as well as their pension income will likely be stripped away from them for reasons to pay for their keep?


NOW is the time to take control of your own life!


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Robert Dorsey