Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

The “shiny object syndrome” has hit again! At this time in the industry it is a good time to address the ‘shiny object syndrome’.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

The one thing that happens all the time in the Internet marketing, and even the Network marketing industry, is that there are always new launches of products and/or services happening all the time, and it is really easy to get caught up in the hype of making more money.

Back in the old days we used to call this, ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’.

But is it really greener on the other side of the fence, or is it the same grass?

Shiny Object Syndrome

The grass is greener on the other side

Lets look at the reality of this scenario.

So you’ve been in the network marketing arena for awhile and you have a product or service you have been promoting. Ask yourself why you got into your particular business in the first place.

Chances are you chose your mlm business opportunity because you were excited about the product and were ready to go guns blazing to build your business. After several months of trying to generate a six figure income and build an extensive downline which compared to the top earners in the industry, you are not where you expected to be. In fact, you are still at the starting line.

Right here is where most people in this industry start to blame the product, the business opportunity, and even the business model, and they quit.

Ninety-eight percent of people who quit in this industry will lay the blame straight on the mlm marketing industry and will say that the business failed them and it doesn’t work.

If it were true that the next shiny object, mlm opportunity, that comes along with a new product or service is going to be the next million dollar winner for you, then why didn’t that work for that last opportunity you got in? Didn’t you think the same thing when you got into the last one?

Shiny Object Syndrome

The ‘what’ we market changes all the time

The ‘how’ we market remains the same

My point here is this: it is not the shiny object that you need, it is knowledge of how to market that product in the first place.

If your marketing strategies have not been working for you with the last shiny new object, then why would you expect another product launch to have any different outcome this time?

There are three things that are necessary to make money online:

  • you need a product
  • you need to find people who need that product
  • you need a means to get that product into the hands of those people who want the product.

For those who are marketing experts and have success in their marketing strategies, a new product or service is great. They have their system in place and can promote every new launch that comes along in their niche with ease. The shiny new objects are great for them.

But if you are still struggling to promote your business and are still looking for the success you expected when you started, then maybe jumping on another new launch is not what you need. Maybe what you really need is training in how to market successfully first before you jump the fence to taste the grass on the other side.

In this industry, especially now with the advent of the Internet, marketing is the name of the game. Just having a product does not make your business. Knowing ‘how to market’ that product is where you will succeed or fail. The reality is, there are no failures, there are only those who quit.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Plan your work and work your plan

There is such a mindset necessary for any entrepreneur to succeed and that is that you will do what it takes to succeed for as long as it takes, there is no expiry date!

In the MLM arena and in network marketing, after you have pitched you family, friends and co-workers, you will run out of prospects. What then? It all comes down to sales and marketing which means you have to attract traffic to your offer, and then convert that traffic into sales.

If you have had tremendous success in marketing what you are offering now, then another shiny object will only add to your streams of income for your business. If you are still struggling to have any kind of success with marketing your business, then maybe what you need is to stay focused, stay on track, plan your work and work your plan to learn to make that marketing strategy you have chosen work before jumping the fence and having the very same results with your new product that you have had with every product launch you got into.

“Shiny Object Syndrome”

Lessen the learning curve

Would it be right up your alley if there were a system in place with which you could not only learn how to market successfully, but also generate a cash flow with which to cover your expenses while you were learning?

We offer a way to lessen the learning curve so you are able to learn to make money faster than it took all the top income earners who went through their own learning curve, and are now passing on their knowledge and expertise on to the new marketer’s coming into the network marketing industry.

If this is what you think you need then we first need to get you started. Click here now, then put in your name and email address, and I will see you on the inside.

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