Three Key Success Factors

Three Key Success Factors

There are always certain key success factors that are involved with any business whether it is online or off-line. Whether or not you are actually aware of these key success factors or not, they are critical to your mindset and they will definitely affect the success of your business.


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I heard these three key success factors being discussed on a live wake-up call for My Lead System Pro on February 26, 2013 and I just had to post about them here.

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Three Key Success Factors

Three Key Success Factors

Three Key Success Factors – Factor #1


Steve Jaffe in talking about how he went from two leads a day to forty leads a day. How did he go from, essentially ground zero, to being a leader virtually over night.

The first key success factor that one really needs to key in on is ‘commitment’.

Nothing happens in the business of network marketing without commitment.

What we mean by that is that you have made a firm decision on what marketing system you are going to promote, what strategy you are going to use to generate leads or prospects for your business, in this case MLSP.

You can’t be trying to promote one system one day, then another tomorrow, and something else next, you need to have your focus fixed on one system so that people in your team will see you are committed to the system you are promoting, and they will do the same.

If your people see you jumping all over the place, you have lost credibility in their eyes, and your business will go nowhere.

If there is a product you are promoting to move your business forward such as a lead generating course, the you have to purchase that course yourself. If you are promoting the course and you haven’t bought it, and your prospect asks you a question regarding the material that is covered in the course and you don’t know what it is that has been covered, you have lost credibility and lost the sale also. This is a critical key success factor you need to consider.

Three Key Success Factors – Factor #2


The second key success factor that one really needs to key in on is ‘consistency’.

Once you have decided on what your marketing strategy is going to be, you must be ruthlessly consistent with that strategy. You must execute on that marketing strategy consistently.

What needs to happen is you have to form the habit of your actions. At first it will take determination and persistence to continue to take action until it forms a habit that will become second nature to you. You will then take the action consistently without having to remind yourself you need to do this, it will just become a habit.

What this means is to follow your strategy daily, at least 5 days a week. You can’t create enough momentum if you just do something one day a week, two days a week, or just every now and then.

What sets apart leaders from those who are still struggling to generate some sort of momentum is that you will find that leaders are always consistent with what they do.

Your team will see your consistency and will copy what you do, taking your business to a whole new level. So the second key success factor you need to have is consistency.

Three Key Success Factors – Factor #3


The third key success factor that one really needs to key in on is ‘resilience’.

One thing that a lot of people who get into a network marketing, MLM, or any online marketing business don’t seem to be aware of, is that their business was going to be a challenge. And they didn’t realize that not everything was going to happen immediately and over night for them and they end up quitting.

What you need is to be resilient, and to anticipate that not everything is going to be easy every step of the way, and that this is normal in any business just getting started.

But don’t let the fact that you feel a little overwhelmed, or your running in to a challenge or struggle, don’t feel that this in not normal. So it’s very critical that you maintain your commitment and be resilient.

Steve Jaffe explains; your own emotional state will impact your ability to produce.

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What is critical to your success is that you do not let distractions, either internal or external, take you off your game. Develop the ability to stay in the game even when things get challenging.

Do not let your emotional state take you out of the game. This is the distinction that makes the difference between leaders and those who are still struggling to have any results in their business.

So the three “key success factors” are commitment, consistency, and resilience.


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