Website Problems And Solutions

Website Problems And Solutions

Who Ya Gonna Call – GoDadday or WordPress

Website problems and solutions for those problems can be intimidating, to say the least.

Over the few years I have been on the Internet, I have run across mega ‘website problems and solutions’ most would have probably thrown in the towel from. But I have the mindset that I have always had, that if I something not working properly, then I will find out how to fix it instead of taking it to someone else who will charge an arm and a leg for their services.


Website problems and solutions

A lot like my old 1972 Dodge Charger


I remember when I owned a 1972 Dodge Charger. It seemed like I was under the hood more times than the motor. In those years it was nothing to take the carburetor apart, clean it, lower the floats as it got older, the file the points so you had good spark to the plugs and just keep the engine purring like a kitten.

Website Problems And Solutions

1972 Dodge Charger

When I purchased my first computer I took the same approach to website problems and solutions as I did to my vehicles. Not only to learn how to preform the functions of the programs, but to find out just how the operating system worked so if I ever came across  website problems and solutions that I would know what to do to fix them.

The first thing realized was that there was a ‘help’ section on my computer from keyboard shortcuts to the operating system, and I read everything I could find on how the computer runs. As a result I have been self taught, but that is not to say that I refrain from calling someone if I need extra help for things like website problems and solutions to those problems.

Website Problems And Solutions

4 barrel carburetor

Website problems and solutions for your problems of course depends on what is happening with your website. I needed to figure out why some things were happening to my website and so I called GoDaddy support. These people are very easy to talk to and will help as much as they are able to. If there is something beyond what they deal with, I have found that they will nearly always offer a course of action to follow if you need to go elsewhere for website problems and solutions.


“Website Problems and Solution”

GoDaddy Support Advice


After a lengthy conversation with GoDaddy support about website problems and solutions for that, I felt to post this article just to give some clarity to this issue.

Here is their response to website problems and solutions for the problems I was having and what they explained about the difference with what GoDaddy and WordPress blogging templates offer for support.

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Website Problems And Solutions

GoDaddy is a hosting provider and even though WordPress templates are uploaded to your domain name, GoDaddy and WordPress really have nothing to do with each other.

WordPress files are installed to the FTP File Manager of your account and reside on GoDaddy servers. But that is about the extent that GoDaddy has to do with WordPress.

If there are any problems with your website concerning WordPress, then you need to call WordPress and not GoDaddy. The problem with that is that if you are not an IT or techy programmer, like I am too, then we need to start somewhere.

What I did when I needed to find my own website problems and solutions for those problems, I first called GoDaddy. GoDaddy then directed me to check out the WordPress forums to see if there are any posts about the same problems I was having.

I have found that before too, that if I am having a problem, then it is very likely that there are many more people having the same problems and they are looking for website problems and solutions as well.


Website problems and solutions

WordPress Forum


The forums for WordPress are very topic specific, and are usually very concise with their suggestions to your website problems and solutions fixes.

Click here to go to WordPress Forums official page!

Due to the traffic these forums get, they are rather easy to find by searching on Google for any website problems and solutions to specific problems that you type into the search engine. Many forums show on the serps for almost any problem.

My website problems and solutions have been resolved, at least for that particular problem so I just wanted to clarify why GoDaddy does not get into resolving problems pertaining to WordPress. Hope this helps you to get clear advice either from GoDaddy or the WordPress forums in the event that you are searching for solutions to your website problems and solutions to those problems.


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