Why Brand Yourself

Why Brand Yourself

Building an Internet business today requires that you brand yourself as your brand identity rather than your product brand.

Why Brand Yourself

Why Brand Yourself

Advertising your Multilevel Marketing business is not the same as advertising your MLM marketing company. It is necessary to keep this straight as most MLM companies will not allow you to brand yourself using their logo, name, or information or pics from their website. In order to brand yourself as your business instead of theirs, you will need to create your own logo, biz name, and graphics that represent you.

It is easy to understand why Internet marketers have been promoting the idea about why you need to brand yourself as your BRAND and not using your MLM company as your brand, no matter what the MLM company is, makes sense.

When you brand yourself its your way of positioning yourself as a respectable business owner, no matter what the MLM company your are associated with.

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When you Brand yourself, it is a way to say to your prospects that you are in business regardless what company you are associated with.

If you are associated with one MLM company and that doesn’t work for you, it is possible you may want to change to another MLM company.

If your brand identity is under the name of that Multi Level Marketing company, it will be impossible to carry on your existing business unless you start all over again.

Being in your own business, and brand yourself under your own name, allows you the flexibility to change companies, add additional companies, and even sell other products which may enhance your business.

What it means to BRAND YOURSELF?

Think of your favorite department store, Walmart. Walmart carries everything under the sun as far as types of products and brand name products.

Walk into a Walmart store and the first thing you will do is find the isle where the product you are looking for is in. And so you walk past all the product isles you are not looking for to find the isle that has the item you are looking for.

But when you go to look for a particular product brand item, the store is not named after that product brand, it is under the store name which carries that item.

As a small business entrepreneur, when you brand yourself using the branding strategies of big business, its in the same manner as large department stores such as Walmart.

You brand yourself by having your business in your own brand name, such as your own name or a name people can associate with you. That way when you brand yourself, you can then offer any MLM company products and opportunity or sell any product by any product brand name you have, without being only associated with the company name.

When you brand yourself, people then know you as someone who is in business for themselves, not as a representative of one company.


Using your name to brand yourself as your personal brand gives your brand personality and your brand positioning gives credibility to your online business.

What you want to do is brand yourself as the person which your business is focused around.

Any marketing and exposure that your business will have to the public will be centered around you as the spokes person for your brand. That is why you must brand yourself.

With the right marketing strategy, personal branding will build your online reputation as an expert in your niche.


I recommended that your name be your brand as this is your business and not anyone else’s.

The first thing to get is a domain name and have it hosted. Use your name such as [yourname].com or if it is already taken choose something that people will still relate the name to you such as [whoisyourname].com or [workwithyourname].com.

With today’s Internet marketing technology, your online business must have a WordPress blog.

This is the best way to interact with your prospects and fellow marketers and offer updated articles on any current information you wish to convey to your people.

The widgets on WordPress also give you a place to have your people opt-in to your offers. Here is where you can offer each area of your business and your customers will be able to choose what it is they are looking for that your are offering.

The best way to brand yourself is to become an expert on something that relates to your business.

This way you brand yourself as the BRAND of your business and your WordPress blog is your hub with spokes that can branch off to as many areas of your business that you may have.

To make money in any business, you have to have a product or service to sell. If you have only one product line, and if that product goes down, you are out of business. Online, there is a need for multiple streams of income through offering multiple products and services. If one stream of income goes down, it’s a bummer but not catastrophic. Generate residual income for freedom with multiple streams of income as you brand yourself with your own business, not just building someone else’s business for them.

To learn more about how you can have dramatic MLM success in your MLM home business and why brand yourself, it’s important to learn everything you possibly can about personal branding and how to brand yourself when you start your business.

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