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WordPress Blogging For Success


WordPress blogging for success is the answer to the question ‘can you make money by bogging’. If this is your question, then you have come to the right place and WordPress blogging is the answer.

Wordpress Blogging for Success

WordPress Blogging for Success

WordPress blogging

You have to have a blog for marketing on the internet today if you are going to get any success at all.

If you are doing any kind of online marketing today, you must create a blog, and you must have a WordPress Blog. This is no option. If you are going to have success on the internet today, then WordPress blogging is a must.

Creating a wordpress blog is the easiest and the simplest blogging platform on the internet market today. Everyone has a WordPress Blog.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a bloggers ‘gift from God’. Using a wordpress blog allows you to build your website to look the way you want it to look, choose options such as themes, layouts, graphics, widgets, etc., along with the best wordpress plugins to ensure your success in your business.

A wordpress blog allows your prospects to interact with you using comments and sharing your content with social media sites.

Not only is WordPress the easiest blog marketing system to work with, it is necessary if you are looking to rank with Google; Google loves WordPress blogging.

However, don’t make the mistake of going to wordpress.com and getting a free wordpress blog through WordPress itself, get your own domain name and install wordpress on your own domain name that you own yourself and learn how to use wordpress and make money blogging.

I have heard of people starting a free blog with WordPress and then after working hard to get their site the way they want it, and WordPress cancels their site because they end up putting content on their site that WordPress doesn’t like.

If you have a free website, you do not own your content. It is owned by the host.

There are many places to register a domain name, but Godaddy.com is the most popular.

If your name is not available, use workwith[yourname].com or use a middle initial.

Domain Name Unique To You

At any rate, make your domain name unique to you.

Then when your domain becomes active, I suggest use Hostgagor to host your domain. Purchase the baby plan with Hostgator and make sure it is on a Linux server format.

I made the mistake of choosing a windows server format when I first started and then when I wanted to add another domain name to my hosting account, the windows format does not host multiple domain names. So make sure you choose Linux where you are given the choice.

Another note here I must mention that will help your business and that is, when ever you are signing up for any tool or resource online, make sure to also sign up as an affiliate for that resource. Then when you get anyone come into your business, and they sign up for their tools and resources, they will also sign up as affiliates under your link to your account.

This is how you get paid from so many multiple sources of income right within your own business.

This is amazing with My Lead System Pro. It is the best training system and funded proposal system on the internet today.

Their step by step video training setting you up to make money blogging with not only your own wordpress blog website but also such tactics as article marketing, PPC, and much more.

Within their system is all the tools and resources that you need to succeed with your blog for marketing your business is right within your own business system with all your own links.

Then when your leads sign up, every resource they will sign up for has all your links to your affiliate accounts. And it is the same for them also, so I suggest this is one marketing plan to use, promote affiliate links for your prospects to make sure they also get paid.

WordPress blogging is a must if you are in any kind of online marketing on the internet today. I trust this information has been helpful and wish you all the success.

See more information at My Lead System Pro for how to have success with your online business, check out how to use WordPress Blogging For Success .

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