You Are A Leader by Robert Dorsey

You Are A Leader by Robert Dorsey


Your business in Network Marketing is about building your team. Not a team of salespeople, not a team of product or service promoters, but a team of leaders. Your business is to build people, period.


If you aren’t building your people, encouraging them, helping to develop into the leaders in their own business that they need to be, your business will not reach the heights that you expect it to go.


The one main concept you nee to develop, the mindset you have to accept for yourself to lead your people, is vitally important for your people to look at you as that leader who can lead them and who they then have to confidence to look up to and allow you to develop them into the leaders they are desiring to be.


And that is:

You are NOT a newbie any more!!You Are A Leader


I see too many people come into a business, or into a group on Facebook, or anywhere else where they have started to hangout, and announce to everybody, that they are a newbie.




  • Once you walk through that door,


  • Once you join that group and people see you for the first time,


  • Once you talk to someone for the first time,


  • Once you join your MLM, NM company, start your blog, or any of the ump-teen number of things that you start – you are no longer a newbie.


Get that idea out of your head and replace it with, I AM A LEADER


Let me ask you this, “How do you think people will feel about joining you in your business knowing that you have just told them that you are a newbie?? How do you think they will feel about the fact that you are no farther along the food chain than they are??”


What are your prospects looking for?


What were you looking for when you started your business?


Were you not looking for someone to lead you?


Are your prospects no looking for the same thing?


Would you have joined and signed up to build your business under someone who came in and announced to you that they were a newbie?

You Are A Leader











What goes around comes around!!


YOU ARE A LEADER of your own destiny!


You are a leader, (even tho a developing leader),


But your main goal in this business of Network Marketing is to present yourself as someone that people will want to work with, that they will want to sign up and build their business under, someone that can lead them to where they want to go with their business.


And then when they gain experience and the know how to move on with their own business and become the leader of their own people, they will start to be the leader that others will want to join and work with as well, and then your business will rocket to the moon and beyond.




You Are A Leader by Robert Dorsey